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Snow Removal Services from TNT Property Maintenance

With multiple salters, equipment, and plows, no storm is a problem. Add our qualified and trained staff and operators, and you have the formula for successful large commercial snow and ice management


Scheduled Maintenance

If ice melting services is a contractual obligation, TNT will provide daily inspections of the property looking for icy situations. A semi-monthly report of ice melting products usage will accompany the semi-monthly billings.


Shortage is not a word our clients hear. That’s why in 2011, TNT opened its salt supply yard. We buy direct from the mines and the bulk of our road salt is kept dry indoors throughout the winter. We offer a variety of salt and ice melter bags for purchase. We can drop off bags to each doorstep of a townhouse complex.

Winter Clearing Schedule Reminders

To prepare for our visit:


  • Please ensure no one parks in front of the designated snow pile areas or in laneways that can impede snow removal vehicles
  • We can scrape the lot IF AND ONLY IF all vehicles are removed from the parking lot. Please notify everyone of the following schedule and its meaning as it relates to snowfalls as follows:
    • If a snowfall subsides prior to midnight, or 1am, we will arrive at the times scheduled. Lot clean-ups for all residential buildings will not occur on weekend mornings as it is near to impossible to have vehicles removed by 9am when our crews are available to scrape lots. If there has been a snow event that requires the scraping of the parking lot, our crews will scrape on Monday morning. Please ensure all vehicles are out of the lot.
    • If it is a continuous snowfall during the day, we will keep driveways open and return the following day to clean the lot / parking spots.
    • If the snowfall subsides early morning (around 9am), we will arrive as soon as possible (with that much time delay) and we will return the following day to clean the lot / parking spots.

snow plow

Note: If the City of Kitchener or City of Waterloo declares a ‘snow event/snow day’, then we will scrape the next available day. Under NO circumstances do we wish to break the bylaws or have any vehicles ticketed and/or towed due to lot clean-ups.


TNT has implemented a map system in which all vehicles carry maps of our contracted properties. The map system eliminates confusion with respect to timing and what services are included in the contract.


Maps are colour coded as follows:

  • Yellow: plow clearing areas.
  • Blue: sidewalk clearing areas.
  • Pink: authorized snow piling locations.
  • Red: Hazards such as fire hydrants, speed bumps, sandboxes, parking lot islands, light standards, etc.


TNT and Salt Usage


We at TNT Property Maintenance have established commitments for salt usage and ice melting.


1. To promote good snow and ice management practices with the goal of reducing the use of salt on Canada’s roadways, parking lots and sidewalks.


2. To keep accurate tracking records of weather conditions/reports, storm watch/advisories, services performed, salt usage and site conditions.




3. To operate within a framework of environmental stewardship, respecting the diversity of ecosystems and protecting the environment in a manner consistent with ensuring public safety.


4. To administer an education and training program that verifies that our staff and sub-contractors involved in snow and ice operations operate in a manner consistent with ensuring public safety while protecting the environment.


5. Maintain memberships with:

large snow plow

Hauling Snow vs. Blowing Back

Hauling snow piles off site is one option for businesses and condominiums. But, have you really considered your options?

When hauling, there is always the cost factor for the front end loader and the numerous trucks that run back and forth from your site to the dumping location. What is the environmental impact? What is the 'carbon footprint' of all those machines and trucks being in use for hours on end? What is the hourly cost of the loader, trucks and the dumping charges?

If your snow piles are located close to an open space (greenspace, woodlot) our front end loader can easily blow back fresh snow piles in about 1/5th of the time it takes for all those trucks to haul off site.

Contact the office to get on the list!

May we suggest a greener alternative?
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