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TNT Property Maintenance: Your Salt Connection in Kitchener


New for 2019: Your Salt Connection Is Opening to Homeowners. Check out our Website for Environmentally Friendly/Pet-friendly Ice Melters.


Treated Salt in a 50 lb. Pail

Our Treated Salt is bulk road salt that is mixed with a liquid enhancer that makes the salt work in temperatures less than -10 degrees. The liquid is an environmentally friendly solution that will not harm our water supply. Using treated salt in lower temperatures will help curb how much salt everyone uses. Apply once, not twice or 3 times! Longer-lasting results than those from using just rock salt alone! This Premium Treated Salt works in temperatures as low as -21 degrees.  Help curb the waste of bags by using a reusable pail!  Storage is safe from pets and children as the pail comes with a secure lid.  Scoop not included.

ProMelt Essential

This PET FRIENDLY, contractor-grade ice melter works to -19 degrees. The small pellet size is perfect for pets, and results can be seen in just 10-15 minutes. Perfect for all interlock, concrete, and asphalt areas!  


ProMelt Essential


Your Salt Connection is a distributor of “The Snowplow Shovel”. Experience the advantages the contractors have had for years. Our shovels wear evenly during regular use and last for years. Lightweight and durable, every shovel comes with a hanger attachment for easy storage in your garage. Buy a special and unique shovel for your stairs or your children, which is also perfect to be kept in the trunk of your car.

ProMelt Essential

Ice Scrapers

Your Salt Connection is a distributor of “The Ultimate Scraper”. This contractor-grade ice scraper is available in either a 6” chopping size or a 12” scraping size. When ice becomes a problem, make easy work of “clearing the ice”. Scraping off ice before using ice melting products is a very good practice.

ultimate scaper

Need a Multi purpose Double-walled Bin to Store Your Ice Melter in? 

We have a Durabox available! This box is perfect for storing your ice melter in the winter and garbage bags  or supplies in the summer.  The Durabox is strong, double-walled and durable.  Approx. 8 cu.ft. of storage (32"W x 23"D x 30"H) with non rusting durable hinge.  Looks neat and clean in any location.


Online store open in September! Delivery available!

Order on-line to Stock UP Early, to guarantee you will have supply this winter.

Stay away from the Crowded Stores and Minimize Contact.

Drive-thru, outdoor pick up available.


Your Salt Connection

Snow Contractors

If you are a contractor looking to develop a business relationship with TNT, please contact our office. We provide competitive pricing and special discounts for prepayment of supplies. Our yard is conveniently located just minutes off the expressway at the Wellington Street exit. Come by and visit – we are open 24 hours during storms and we repair most makes/models of plows and salters.


TNT Property Maintenance is a distributor of Windsor Salt®, Buyers Products Company, Arctic and Innovative Surface Solutions™ products.


From bulk road salt to liquid anti-icers and bagged products such as road salt and ProMelt Essential, let Your Salt Connection be your supplier this winter. We carry plows, salters, ice scrapers, salt bins, and shovels. Ask about our parts and maintenance for plows and salters.


The salt yard is open 24/7 during storms and will open with a 15 minute notice pre-storm set up.  Regular hours are 9am till 4pm Monday to Friday if there is no inclement weather.

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